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Women and Trauma

Trauma is a word that resonates with everyone , women who experience trauma often suffer in silence , Ptsd Is thought of as a warriors issue when in fact women suffer tremendously as a result of traumatic  situations  often having had years of trauma related experiences . Women and practitioners may over look Ptsd as a diagnosis because of the multitude of symptoms they experience are often interpreted as other mental health issues . It is important to recognize the patterns of Ptsd in women , their history of failed relationships , unexplained anxiety , depression and co dependency issues . A women that has been gas lighted , bullied , beaten or otherwise manipulated may indeed experience Ptsd . 

Ptsd symptoms can be easily be overlooked and cause confusion for women as they are unaware of their condition but have symptoms . Some examples may be the sound of keys jingling , the sound of the shower curtain being pulled back , smells of cologne or food . Actually if you consider all of the senses we have one could say that Ptsd can effect all of our 5 senses . 

Ptsd has an impact on day to day life , imagine if everytime someone jingles keys you get a pain in your stomach , followed by anxiety . When someone raises their voice anywhere in your vicinity you become highly uncomfortable and want to run away . These are examples of Ptsd and how it feels day to day . 

Success Insite is offering a discussion group beginning on the first Friday morning in October at our offices at 1504 Barksdale Blvd . Consider joining us if you can relate to anything you have read here today . We can be reached at 318-222-4299 , ext 119 . We would love to have you come .